COVID Recovery Program by Sinclair Dental

Do you have a plan?

How do you measure if your plan is working or not? How do you measure success?

Join our COVID Recovery Program:

Engage will help you develop your plan.

Dentallytics will help you measure your success.

No upfront costs. Get the help you need today!

Ensure your practice survives and thrives during COVID and beyond.

EDMS Dental’s COVID Recovery Program was purposefully built and designed to help you analyze and manage your clinic’s data so you can start to address challenges imposed during these difficult times. We are all in this together and we will all recover —together.

By collaborating with industry experts and leveraging our own EDMS team, our goal was to roll out a clinic recovery program that will help you make the most informed decisions using your own clinic’s data.

What program participants will get?


Free install of EDMS Dentallytics

Dentallytics™ allows you to keep existing practice management and financial software without costly system or process changes. We can retrieve and consolidate data from all the major Practice Management Systems on the market.

Review of your clinics metrics

Our Engage team will review your clinic metrics and provide you with a snapshot of your organization’s performance during COVID and beyond. This will help establish a baseline and help you work towards full operational capacity.


A COVID-19 digital dashboard

Stay informed with actionable data with Dentallytics™ COVID dashboard. You will find actionable insights focused on your operational, financial and HR needs to help address challenges during these difficult times. Our goal is help you make the most informed decisions using your own data.

A COVID-19 exit strategy and roadmap

We will help you track everyday production and collections, deposit summaries, payroll for admin and hygiene cost analysis comparison since COVID started, with the goal of providing you with a detailed recovery roadmap.

EDMS steps

Access to our Coaching hotline

Clinic managers and owners will have access to our Engage team coaching hotline made available through our Dentallytics app. Get your questions answered by our experts and solve problems you’re not sure how to address.

Costs are deferred until your clinic recovers

In recognition of COVID-19, EDMS Dental is deferring subscription service fees until your clinic returns to 60% of pre-COVID average yearly gross production. It’s important that we all work together to get through this and that we all come out stronger when this is over.

Manage and prepare your clinic for post COVID-19 realities.

What you get with the EDMS COVID-19 Recovery Program:

  • Free install of EDMS Dentallytics
  • Review of your clinic’s metrics with a report outlining whats working, what needs to be improved
  • A COVID digital dashboard to help you stay informed with actionable data and implement your recovery strategy
  • A COVID exit strategy outlining what you need to do to get your business open and running as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • A Coaching hotline you can call into to answer questions and get direction about your plan and any issues you are experiencing
  • All fees are deferred until your clinic returns to 60% of pre-COVID average yearly gross production.

Register your clinic for our COVID-19 Recovery Program

Clinic registration for this program is on a first come, first serve basis.
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The COVID Recovery Program was created in partnership with Sinclair Dental and EDMS Dental.

Let’s Help You Take Charge of Your Clinic’s Future.

COVID-19 has forced us all to think how we can do things faster, cheaper and smarter. We’re here to help you survive and thrive through COVID and beyond.