OTTAWA, March 10, 2020 – Modern dental practices understand that data is a competitive advantage. The businesses that can efficiently analyze their financial and operational data within and across all clinic sites are in a much stronger position to optimize their practice, grow their revenue and ultimately, become more valuable customers to dental suppliers and service providers.

Partners are critical to delivering the superior customer experience we strive for at EDMS Dental. Today, we are proud to announce an exclusive Canadian software distribution partnership with Sinclair Dental. This partnership will look to maximize the value of Dentallytics™️ software, Canada’s market leading dental industry data warehousing and reporting technology. Dentallytics will enable Sinclair to offer the differentiation and benefits their customers need to grow their business more efficiently, with lower cost, less operational disruption and increased transparency.

Dentallytics is built to be a flexible way to modernize a practice using data and analytics. The platform seamlessly aggregates and analyzes clinical, financial and operational data while eliminating human error and automates reporting with 100% accuracy.

Each Sinclair regional office will be assigned a hands-on EDMS representative that deeply understands the business of dentistry and will work alongside our team to help coach clinics, dental organizations and DSOs for growth. 

When dental clinics are looking to answer these questions:

  • What are today’s revenue numbers?
  • How many active patients are at each clinic?
  • How many new patients walk through the door each month?
  • What is the number of chair hours booked?
  • What condition is A/R in?
  • What is the collection from hygiene – daily, weekly and monthly?
  • Are the patients accepting the treatments offered?
  • What is your booking rate, book forward rate?

EDMS Dentallytics is your answer.

The Sinclair and EDMS partnership will help enable both companies to further deliver their shared mission to educate, connect and grow every clinic across Canada.

About Sinclair Dental
Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Sinclair is one of the fastest growing, full-service dental suppliers in Canada. The company’s expansion has not compromised its tradition of quality products and exemplary service and it continually strives to be an industry leader focused on customer satisfaction, innovative solutions and being responsive to the industry’s ever-changing trends and needs. For more details, visit

About Enterprise Dental Management Systems (EDMS)
EDMS is a Canadian owned company that empowers dental clinics and clinic group owners to make data-informed choices to optimize their practices and achieve their business growth goals. EDMS delivers 100% accuracy in identifying, normalizing and analyzing key performance indicators from dental clinic servers to our EDMS cloud servers – efficiently and effectively. We are the leading provider of integrated business analytics and solutions for dentistry. We are fully regulatory compliant and offer enterprise-grade data retrieval, validation, reporting and analysis for all major dental software applications.