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Smart businesses understand that their data is a competitive advantage.

Dentallytics™ is a cloud platform that aggregates and analyzes clinical, financial and operational data within and across all clinic sites.

By removing data entry and manual compilation of information, Dentallytics™ eliminates human error and automates reporting with 100% accuracy.

Leverage data to optimize your practice and grow your revenue.

Modernize your practice with data and analytics.

  • What are today’s revenue numbers?
  • How many active patients are at each clinic?
  • How many new patients walk through the door each month?
  • What is the number of chair hours booked?
  • What condition is A/R in?
  • What is the collection from hygiene – daily, weekly and monthly?
  • Are the patients accepting the treatments offered?
  • What is your booking rate, book forward rate?

Can you answer these questions?

Dentallytics™ is the answer.

Technology agnostic

Technology Agnostic

Dentallytics™ allows you to keep existing practice management and financial software without costly system or process changes. We can retrieve and consolidate data from all the major Patient Management Systems on the market.

Personalized Dashboards

Dentallytics™ provides intuitive dashboards for all your clinic locations and gives you a snapshot of your performance over any period.

Everything at-a-glance!

Device agnostic

Flexible and Accessible

You can access your data on Dentallytics™ using any operating system.

Easily access your data online from ANY device, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Financial Analysis

Track everyday production and collections, deposit summaries, integrated payroll for admin and hygiene cost analysis, monthly and quarterly comparison; year over year, daily, weekly and monthly reports with 100% accuracy.

Financial Analysis


Clinic access can be segmented to control permissions based on each user’s responsibilities- by clinic, by group of clinics or corporate HQ.

Operational Reporting

Dentallytics™ provides operational reporting on hygiene retention, no pay, re-booking and standard level of care from each clinic to a centralized location. Dentallytics™ tracks the efficiency and productivity of each practice, Hygienist and Associate.

Operational Reporting
Data mining

Data Mining

Dentallytics™ gives you visibility into your data from as far back as your historical data exists. We provide analysis and reports on yearly trends, anomalies, and costs all tracked over time.

100% Accuracy

Dentallytics™ delivers 100% accuracy in identifying, normalizing and analyzing key performance indicators efficiently and effectively – guaranteed.

100% Accuracy

Data Security

We ensure your entire clinic data is maintained on servers protected using the best security software, preventing potential data loss, breaches or incidents.

Dentallytics™ both PIPEDA and HIPPA compliant.