EDMS Engage

Connecting business and dentistry.

GAAP in business is accounting principles. GAP in dentistry is the space between your teeth.

EDMS Engage bridges this divide.

EDMS Engage is your dental team training service. All training is custom-built for each practice’s needs. Our training is designed to optimize clinics, dental organizations and DSOs for growth. We help you identify the dentistry not being done. We use data to optimize your practice’s performance in terms of revenue and patient care. Timelines and costs vary based on the requirements of the team.

Maximize the value of Dentallytics™ data with a hands-on Engage representative that deeply understands the business of dentistry and will work alongside your team. The bottom line, we help your clinic(s) make more money.

Mapping your clinic journey

EDMS helps guide you every step of the way. Our Engage dental trainers leverage Dentallytics™ to analyze and optimize clinic growth. We start by consolidating your financial and operational reports and help you understand what’s happening in your clinic or clinic groups. Our end goal is to help you get to a stage where you’re continually using data to optimize your practice.

We help every role within your clinic.

EDMS Engage solves several issues for dental clinics.


Your finance team will love the time they save producing key reports and the ability to get an accurate picture of financials.


Our operational reports come with an accuracy guarantee as they are pulled directly from your Practice Manager.

Human Resources

Better align each individual’s Performance Management process to reflect what is being seen at the clinic level with data.

Clinic Owners

As a clinic owner or executive team member you can monitor key metrics that help you determine the ongoing performance of your clinic(s).


Build targeted marketing strategies around your data that will let you know how to best engage patient's that may become dormant.


Keep historical data for up to 6 months in order to be able to compare data with Fraud Investigative organizations.

Information Technology

Your dental practice's data is backed up on a nightly basis and business continuity is provided as well as security in a HIPPA-compliant environment.

Patient Care

Look at your data to determine patient level of satisfaction and any associated risk factors that may demonstrate that you may lose that patient as a customer.

How Engage works?

EDMS onboards clinics and leverages data to enable our Engage dental trainers to get a snapshot of your clinic or clinic group’s financial and operational performance. We work with you to create a custom-built strategic training plan by setting goals and benchmarks.

EDMS engage process